Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In juices upto my neck

I've been sick this past week and it was partly because of that (and the husband's stellar care), I could open this blog and learn how blogs work etc. Now being sick is horrible especially when you're having the itch to run. The wind in your face, shoe laces opening up every now and then, the happy feeling that you get when your sports bra becomes roomier, and the jiggling of the under belly. I love that. It gives me a sense, that all the jiggling will reduce it. Losing belly fat makes you healthier, right?

What I don't get is women obsessing about their behinds. I just don't get it. It is behind you. You don't see it unless you really want to and if you're like me, you don't. Others can't see it either, unless you turn around to walk away and then it doesn't matter. And yet, women keep on and on about the size of their bums, some men too. Here I have to tell you about the Israeli security guy in Taiwan. He used to carry a gun, was very very fit and all muscular and lean all that, in slick mafioso kind of shiny suits and he used to be so conscious of his behind, that to me, it was as if he had an invisible mirror in front of him and he was constantly checking out his own bottom. He walked like that. You saw his face and it was as if neurons would tell you to check out his derriere. And really, there is sth. very wrong in preferring to talk to a person's bum than his face.

Anyways so about the women who care how they look in a turnstile.....

Can you ladies just stop??? It doesn't matter. What matters is the neck. No one talks about women's necks. How they annoy us, at-least me. Between a fat neck and a fat bottom, I'll take the latter. Once I'm  face to face with someone, my voluptuousness is no issue, but a lack of jaw line? the not so cute honey boo boo chin? well it makes me all self conscious. Yet, with so many ideas on how to get a skinny butt, the best the fitness gurus can come up for the neck is kiss the ceiling. OMG!!!! Tilt your head up and blow kisses at the ceiling. Blah....

Having had an upcoming third chin, and rolls of fat forming at the base of my neck, I'll tell you this, skipping and running are the only and most effective ways to tone the face and neck.  It gets your face muscles all tightened up.......now if you don't want to believe moi, let me tell you the skipping tip comes to me directly from Ms. Campbell, the model  who finds herself in a soup ever so often.

So yes, about me wanting to get back to strapping my 20RMB pink sports watch and running around the  block, well it'll take a fortnight for me to recover. Good news? My mom has just done a 16 hour train trip and has come to take care of me. She knows I don't own a juicer, so she brought hers along with a huge box of oranges, sweet limes and pomegranates and apples! How cool a mum is that?

So tell me about your exercise addiction, sweet things your mum has done for you and if a fat neck ever bothered you!.

Smilingly yours

Ladli Begum


  1. How about love handles? Any noble thoughts on those? :-)

  2. All in good time my love, I know how you miss those.

  3. aahhh---- so endorse the anti-butt-fixation.... !! never been able to figure tht one out... and since I suffer frm the multiple-chin-vanishing-jawline syndrome.... wish running/walking/skipping cud help... it doesnt, so have decided tht its just that much more of me to love...
    look fwd to more candid musings frm u... :)